Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Are You At Work?

    Busy at Northwood Industries where I work, I answer in the affirmative. At home when the phone rings and asked, I suddenly feel confused. Of course, I'm working. At home and working. Truly, my friends, I do want to talk with you, at home or at work. Maybe after this, you'll be asked back, "Are you at work?" Labor and creativity are the best way to spend our days.
We've been getting the new stock in for the busy season. Yesterday I unpacked and put out succulents and flowers with little metal buckets, working these things around lighted canvas and fresh runners for shelves. New batteries in the display canvases made it all look pretty again.

A Tablescape in birds, metal, and greenery.
We sell furniture and everything needed to make a cabin or lodge or your house homey. We also sell gifts and nick-knacks for decorating. And many useful things for your cabin that are themed accordingly. My work is to put it all together in staged spaces to inspire and to help our customers "see" how it fits into their rustic home settings.
Other things I do at work are cleaning and organizing. Just like at home, my goal is to create comfort, beauty, and hominess.
Customers are our main concern for obvious reasons. But I thank the ladies who came in last week and made a point of telling me that they were learning and being inspired by our store. What a great encouragement.

Besides all this indoor furnishing fun, we are now setting up the outdoor lawn furniture and sheds. And a garden shed with garden decor, art, and planters. AND a lovely copper framed mirror.

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