Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Peanut Brittle

 Last night I decided to make peanut brittle. With the right ingredients and a recipe I figured it can't be that hard. Who needs a candy thermometer anyway! The first batch burned. Too hot from following directions too precisely. My own common sense was better for once. I took the kettle off the burner and carried it out across the snow in my stocking feet and dumped it sizzling into the woods telling Ruger to leave it alone unless he wanted a burned nose.
   Fortunately I hadn't wasted the peanuts on a burned batch of sugar and white corn syrup, so I courageously started over. This time I stood there and watched the kettle using my eyes and nose to judge. When the wooden spoon lifted out of the hot bubbling syrup produced hard crack strings I added the peanuts and salt. In a very short time it started boiling again and soon it was ready to pour into a foiled and buttered half sheet pan.
      So I am foolishly pleased about my successful attempt at peanut brittle. May cookie day with the girls tomorrow be just as successful.



  1. I made peanut brittle for years and it turned out very good with my recipe and a thermometer. People liked my peanut brittle, liked it very good. I liked to make peanut brittle.
    Sid liked my peanut brittle. I no more make peanut brittle. I'm afraid in our old age, of peanut brittle. My teeth might break on peanut brittle. My teeth hurt on peanut brittle. I still like peanut brittle and am glad you can make peanut brittle. Love mom

    1. I totally love your comment, Mom! I feel the same. And your life on your blog looks absolutely dreamy, Arla. Is it? πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ‘Œ

  2. I made peanut brittle this summer using a microwave recipe...I myself don't care for the peanut brittle, cause I don't like things stuck in my teeth...but Ivan said it was good. So that is all that matters!! :-)


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