Thursday, October 13, 2016

Capturing Autumn

 By the time we get home from Thailand, these sights could well be history. So I wanted to get them on record at least.
As soon as we get home there will be other things to document here: a bedroom remodel and a trip to Thailand.
Besides, Dru's will be here and life will be busy with their settling in for a furlough and our regrouping accordingly.

This morning is a chilly, color-filled world. Through the living room windows can be seen the golds and reds of the maple and oak trees. Autumn is the prettiest season and the most fleeting.
Maybe we would lose the awe of this enchantment if it lasted longer. We are like that. Anyway, here it is again, blazing to our world that God is still Sovereign. He decides when and where and how much fall color. We deserve none of it. 

 Brad put up a swing for us. He was dubious of my request to hang a swing, but changed his mind by the time we were done. It's a beauty and I intend to enjoy it myself, as well as hoping the grandchildren make memories here.

The garden is almost done. We will  pick up the leaves and tuck the garden in for winter in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Before Thailand

   We have four days left to get a long list of errands and projects completed. Then we fly away to Thailand. From this side of our Thailand trip the list looks long and important.
    Since Dru's will accompany us home and be here at The Stonehouse for a few days with us, some of our projects are truly important.
    At last our bedroom remodel project is getting close enough to done to move our bedroom back in, soon. This provides a space for Dru's in the Boy's Cabin until a house to rent opens up for them.
   Anyway, what it means is that we need to get one thing done before we can do another and another and so on.

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