Winter Roses In Wisconsin

Last weeks roses are dried, but giving us just as much home beauty as ever. I just remembered that they ought to be sprayed to last.  If I preserve them by applying a protective spray I can display them most anywhere. I am thinking about laying them among the old books on the hearth above the stove. There they will collect a lot of wood stove dust and dirt. This seems like a poor way to use up perfectly lovely roses, but the truth is that I will shower them with plain warm water at the kitchen sink with the spray nozzle and lo, we will have perfectly lovely flowers again. 

Have a lovely winter day.


  1. The roses are lovely...what protective coating do you spray them with...that you can wash them at the kitchen sink...would be nice to know!!

    1. Use Acrylic spray for protecting a dried water painting, or a craft. I used five coats of it on the coasters I made at Christmas time. It makes for a water proof product. When Jenny dried her flowers she sprayed them for longer lasting beauty.

    2. would just a regular finishing spray like what i use on to finish my signs w/ work?


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