Saturday, May 31, 2014


    We have been working hard on our up coming wedding. Elv has been faithfully praying with us girls that "things will go smoothly" in reference to our shopping, creating, and planning. And God has been good to us. Little details fall into place as we go along here that prove His foreknowledge of this wedding and our needs accordingly. But, yes, very busy. Every, single day is full of getting it done. 
     So, the groom-to-be arrived last week Thursday. At the end of supper Elv suggested we cut-n-run and go canoeing. The lawn mower part came in that day and should have been installed, the grass, tall and waving, in the breezes, dishes up to our ears, messes and half done projects all around, and a suggestion for a canoeing break? Who could resist. We did. Pushed our chairs back, walked away from the table, found life jackets, three canoes, Skeeter dope, and off we went. 

Josh and Frank canoeing off into the sunset. It was an awesome evening on the lake. Loons, a pair of herons, ducks, the soothing blues of the water, and the setting sun.  Lovely intermission. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Supper On The Patio

We had our first picnic of the season on the patio last night. It was just about perfect. Elv grilled hamburgers and brats while dishes of salads and deserts, by the girls, were put on the table. The pleasant days of early summer are best spent being busy with new jobs, gardening, spring cleaning and painting! Topped off by patio suppers with folks we love who are sporting sun burns and dirty feet.

Elv tilled the garden up in prep for Lisl and Jube's seeding just before he grilled. The babies ran into the freshly turned, black loam happily getting very dirty till supper was called.

Lisl made this beautiful, tasty desert for supper.

Life is good...we have green leaves!

Daffodils and tulips.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bridal Shower


 Frank's sisters planned and hosted her bridal shower at Lisl's house. We were enjoying one of our first warm days as you can see here. It was all lovely.

 Naomi brought a pretty tent for the little girls to enjoy on the deck.

Flowers, sunshine, lace, tea, dainty food, gifts, mints, and loved ones gathering. Gladys had a speech/devotional for us and Lisl initiated a game of What Do You Have In Your Purse that was quite hilarious. Francis has been properly showered upon by now!

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