Friday, May 19, 2017

The Best Kind of Saturday

      While the trees donned greenery and blossoms, we have been busy trying to keep pace with life.
       So it was lovely Saturday to sit by a remote lake watching a yellow bird and a pair of swans while Elv did a repair. I savored this unexpected quiet place.
      In the evening we fished on Lake Windigo. We paddled all the way across the lake. Paddles are much nicer than a motor when it is just the two of us and casting is much simpler from a canoe. We tucked our canoe under the lee of the island against the glare of the setting sun right over our favorite fishing spot. Elv caught the first one. It was a nice fat "sunny", a keeper. I immediately cast my line right there where he had. He fussed a little in fun but not as loudly as he did when I pulled in a keeper bass. Then a pike. Then two more bass.  It was happy and fun for both of us, an evening to easily count ones blessings and to savor the beauty of perfect sunset on a glassy smooth lake. Troubles seem far away and unreal. Such times stand out to me as retreats or breathers as grace and strength for tomorrow. A perfect date.



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