New Camera

 Finally! My "new" camera is here. Photography 101 is the newest winter project.
I want to continue with this blog; but I really need to improve a few things. The first, is my camera prowess. So I sat down listened to my first ever, serious tutorial on how to get a great picture. Oh wow! I really am a dead head in the big world of photography.

This morning, I studied this camera itself. Found out it has umpteen settings for a pretty decent point and shoot. And that I can actually control the outcome of a shot. That's amazing! For me, that's amazing. Still having focus issues, though, as you can see.

This one has no edits. But poorly focused as usual for me. I'll get this figured out yet, see if I don't!

 This one has a vignette edit, but I'm thinking better of it. So we'll see.

  Yes, the vignette edit, again. I realize that I've defaulting to this edit too often.
   I need someone to explain to me is how a plain old flat phone picture can be "bigger" and inferior to a camera picture that is quarter the "size". I suspect it's not size, after-all.
   I have a lot to learn. I would love to hear from those of you who are smirking and rolling your eyes about now. So say it out loud right here in the comments. I intend to learn.


  1. I'm a dead head about photography too but one thing you should do is post your pictures large. They're always frustratingly too small. And you have such loved corners to see in your house.

  2. No photo advice from this corner either...but I do like those cattails there on the wall by the sparkle dishes! And yes...I found myself tapping the picture hoping it would get larger...and then I am like...oh yeah, this is a blog! :-)


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