A Small Post

The Wedding was beautiful. Lance and Kristine are happily married.
If I had a computer,I would try to write something meaningful about preparation and expectation and creating a perfect wedding celebration.
And about having three small baby girls in the family all at once. And about understanding life after life-changing events. And the hollow quiet within these old stone cottage walls after they all go home to their own worlds. And about finding another new normal.
Since I am having to Swype type to write; I will be posting less often until we get a new computer. With traveling, saving the money, and shopping this will take me several months, I suppose.
To my sisters, I still have a phone.


  1. I'm sorry that your computer died...I've been wondering what happened to you...may you get a new one up and going soon...miss hearing about your life!! :-)

  2. What a lovely post!! I am glad that you had great time in their wedding. I will be hosting a party on my daughter’s birthday and looking forward to your post regarding party preparations. I am planning to host this party at some local party halls in Bay area.


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