Tailgate Supper Post That Never Hit the Press From Last Summer

I found a lost posting from way back in July or August. We went out to the woods and had supper with the loggers.  I think Clark's ended up feeling left out and I don't blame them looking back on this.


Havilah looks like Lisl did at this age here.  

We hauled firewood out there, don't know why, going to a logging site.  And all our food and chairs.  Memories.

That's the Jeep full of our food and paraphernalia.  Good old Jeep is quite a heap these days. I'd sell it cheap but Elv would weep.  There's a Graber ditty for you.

Let's go logging with Grandpa. Jube was properly impressed.

Lance was coming with his big machine with a load to unload and Havilah was VERY worried about that. You can see her panic. Jube thinks she is just silly. You can see that, too.

So there you have it, Clark's. We're gonna do this next summer with your family. Cutting that half hour off of travel time is looking really attractive.


  1. I thought about inviting Clark's that evening. I was feeling selfish that night, I think. I really relished the idea of having Mom and Dad to myself for an evening. So I said to myself that Clark got to have Mom and Dad to himself whenever he wanted for the most part--with us, and Jenny, and now Frank, living far away, and now it was my turn. And I told myself that Clark's probably wouldn't be able to come anyway. It was kind of a short notice thing if I remember right. I suppose it was wicked...sorry Clark and Charlotte. Mom, I think you did blog this once already, or maybe I'd just saw pictures.

  2. That one picture about half way down where there's a few vehicles and some guys standing around stuffing their faces :) looks a lot like SC in the woods!


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