The Stonehouse roof was in bad shape. For several years the shingles have been disintegrating and washing down onto the patio when it rains. "Greeny" shingles were a mistake. So Elv requested a work day to have a reshingling.  It was Elv's first ever request for a work day on something of his own. There is no way that you would be as impressed about that as I am... because I know him. But I can assure you, this is big.

 The traditional American "work day" should never die if we can help it. I'll leave it at that.
  The little boys must have been prepped about ladders and falling objects because they stayed back nicely.  Next time the roof needs to be done, in thirty years, they can do it.


 Meanwhile the ladies visited and worked on

juicing ten boxes of grapes.


  And the children played: across the road at the playground and underfoot and on this old stump.

And we got 60 quart of concentrate and lots and jam stock from our day's work.


Thank you, all of you who came that day and gave of your time and effort to help. 


  1. What beautiful autumn color in your photos!


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