Summertime Scribblings

     The longest days of summer are here. Warm sun, thick, green canopy of the amazing leaves, and bare feet on mowed lawn. Flowers bloom in place of piles of snow.  Perhaps flowers bloom because of piles of snow. Now there's a thought.

     We have had a few "rainy" days here: relationship issues among our own loved ones, a brother in prison, and to top it all off Lyme Disease for me. As much as I would like to disdain to give any notice to these things and try to pretend they are not my problem, the truth is, I have to actually DO something constructive about them. 

    More praying is a great response to troubles. I need more of it. 
    Antibiotics. Two rounds. 
    Kindness.  Kindness is seriously under rated too often. Every human deserves kindness, because we are all sinners and goof-offs no matter how you look at us.  We blow it.  We have huge gaping needs. We hurt... so we wound others.
    I propose to all the folks in my world that we work on our kindness skills with each other better than we have been, lately.  Kindness overlooks faults. Being blind is sometimes wise. Love covering a multitude of sins is straight out of The Word.  Kindness binds up wounds. Caring about how the other person is hurting and giving that more thought than for my own supposed wounds.
    We are truly in need of being more genteel. Nothing speaks kindness better than nice manners.  
   And while we fuss and struggle; God makes the flowers bloom anyway, just as if we deserve them.  I pray He can make flowers bloom instead of our fusses, too, someday. Grace and peace in place of struggle in our hearts. 
    Finally, when times are hard, flowers are even more beautiful. God is trying to show us that He is still in control. We can trust Him.  Any God that can make loveliness where dirty snowbanks have been can make us lovely in our hearts where hardness had been. 
                                                 Chickens on the Lattin homestead.

Blue Bells

Blue Flags (Wild Iris) and Buttercups

Pinky, redish, beautiful, non-ordinary flower. 

Yellow Flowers :)


Wild Roses Grow Everywhere Just Now

Next up, are a few collages of our time in Minnesota over the weekend. Stay tuned if you're interested.


  1. When you post, it is like having an extra helping of dessert. Thanks for the reminders!

  2. I haven't gotten any pictures of wild roses this year. When they did the road work in front of our place they ruined the wild roses that were in the ditches. So I haven't gotten a chance at them for the last two years. The first rose photo is absolutely lovely. :)


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