Kitchen Redo Progress Report

Part One Kitchen Redo

    This project has been long anticipated. My family has been very supportive and helpful and patient with me.  So this week we began.  

 My dreams of white bead board walls are fulfilled in wall paper and paint.

 Elv listened patiently to my brainstorms and to my delight liked them. He "sacrificed" some white oak boards that he had slated for a trailer project. Elv, Lance, and Brad helped with planing them. I varnished them. And Elv hung them.  The only fly in the ointment is that in this crooked old house, having them level made them look...not level. But by the time I had everything on the shelving, we aren't noticing whether they are level or not.

(The last few pictures are from Clark's camera.)  So that is just the top half of the kitchen done.  Next we will tackle the window and the lower cabinets. Elv would like to change the counter top to our own home crafted wooden counter top sometime this summer. So far, I am enjoying this project immensely.  I expect wooden counter top to be a very satisfying adventure for us.


  1. Absolutely lovely! No place to hide the dirt at all. When I get big I won't need a place to hide my dirt maybe? :)

  2. I like it a lot! But I'm with Amy...I'd still need at least a couple of cupboards to hide some unsightly messes. :)

    1. So, I still have the lower cabinet for the Tupperware mess, and the extra groceries, and baking things.

  3. That's beautiful! My dream....but I too need some for to hide my unorganized self! :-) my kitchen is one place I have no idea how to organize neatly...

  4. I assure you that this beadboard is probably a 'whole' lot easier to clean than the real stuff we have in the cabin bathroom!! Looks nice, except in my house that glass stuff would collect 'way' too much dust!! :-)

  5. I like it! A lot! :)

  6. Yes. We are sisters! AGAIN! Liking the same stuff.!

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