Sunday Afternoon At Home

    Our good Sunday afternoon actually started at church. We had about 23 people  at church yesterday. (The spring breakup vacationers and travelers and migrant workers will start trickling home this week. They are in for a rude arrival with winter still hanging around here.) So our carry-in was cozy and eventually the after dinner visiting was a one group conversation. Current events, the Aurora Borealis that was supposed to be so apparent but we cannot see because of said winter cloudiness, Mount St. Helen, why fossilized trees always seem to be still standing up, and other things of that nature.
      At home we gathered in the living room around the fireside with the usual collection of electronics and table games. The current winter storm system closed in around the old stone house outside. In the kitchen, Amy and Abbey, made pudding to cool for a trifle and later stirred up waffles for supper. Benny slept for two hours and then came down to check in with anyone looking at his phone or playing a game otherwise. He finally spied a dog puzzle that we had set aside for give away and asked to piece it. In the course of the after noon a few people took an hour off for a nap in a quieter place somewhere.
     I decided to take pictures of everything. Which I did after cleaning the lens of my phone camera. Now I know why I have been getting grainy pictures. Very sad. Then Clark got his camera out, too, which promptly trumps any kind of photo I can muster, but oh well, I try.
Trifle made of a dud cake and home made pudding. 

Drying Roses

The geranium think it is spring and are getting ready to bloom and are happy. 

While outside we have a snow storm every few days, like yesterday.

This is what we do on Sunday inside by the fire.

The baby around here is taking notice.

Thomas the Tank Engine on Wance's phone.

The tomatoes think it is spring, too. 


  1. hmmm, wonder which is worse....rain every couple days or can't be any more dreary then the other i don't think...except we do have green leaves and flowers finally so that helps immensely w/ the dreariness....i like when you post about your sundays! makes me feel like i've been there agaiN! :-)

  2. I love seeing Benny and Asher in these pictures.. There's not enough of those grand babies posted. You have a nice life Arla.

  3. That trifle looks delicious!!! Good work Abbey & Amy!


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