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 We are STILL waiting for spring here in Wisconsin. Snow covers the ground and Brad continues his daily firewood chores.
To keep from feeling trapped in a time warp of winter I brainstorm and plan spring cleaning and decorating. The girls brought packets of flowers seeds home last week. Perfect addition to the table center piece.

This  morning at the used shop these two remnants were stacked in separate places. It didn't take me but a few seconds to see that they belonged together and will make lovely throw pillows someday. So they came home with me. I also found six yards of very heavy pebbled cotton to become a clean, new slipcover for the couch.

 Crocheting embellishments just for fun lately. Maybe for the new batch of beach bags that girls are always creating. Or on a little girl jumper. I want big brown wooden buttons. That was the main reason I went to the used shop this morning. They had no buttons at all.

While the earth remains, the Bible says, there will be summer, winter, springtime and harvest. Keep believing, everyone.


  1. I like your crocheting project. Maybe I'll send you your needed buttons. I think I can get some for you.

  2. Lovely eye candy along with inspiration, Arla. Would love to come see you in your beautiful home. Shilah


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