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Oct 2012 upstairs
     Dear Frances, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of your frogs all taken in by cobwebs. Aren’t they cute? Poor things. I will be sure to clean them up; so that someone doesn't get the notion that I'm doing something for Halloween. I don't do Halloween.  And then I got to playing with my phone camera.

                    Yes, that is the Jake Skrivseth family portrait with a couple of Craver Aunties.  And yes, that’s Grandpa Reynolds with the dog there in his car.  Thought you’d like to see that. Amy who is 16 decorated her room as an attic and framed all the old pictures she could get her hands on.  The other pictures are Frank’s additions to the whole décor in their quarters top story.
                   I was supposed to be sewing and got seriously sidetracked. Can you tell?
 2012-10-26 10.57.09  Frank's old crate. Crates make lovely shelving or night stands. 
2012-10-26 11.06.21


  1. I enjoy reading your posts to keep in touch with your family...
    I like your wisdom, wit, and style...
    I enjoy looking at your pictures...
    but the ones in this post ended up being too small!!! That collage there in the center...there are too many pictures combined...can't tell what they are!!
    Just an observation from me!
    Love you and enjoy hearing from your family and house!!

    1. I've wondered about them being too small, but I never know if it's just me not being able to see anyhow or what. I think if you'd click on the picture it might give you a big version. I'll have to check into that.

  2. Yup if you click on it you get the big version. I didn't even think about how big they were, but it could be because I'm familiar with what is in those pics so I wasn't trying to look closely.

  3. I really like the frogs with the cobwebs :)

  4. I like them too, love the awed and horrified looks on their ugly little faces! :)


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