Autumn Days Are Here

                                             more sept 2012
Already!  The days are getting shorter, too. Awesome color everywhere to compensate for the knowing that summer is ended. There are just a few unfrosted flowers in the garden to be arranged in a late fall bouquet for the table. Nice surprise bonus bouquet. I almost missed it for enjoying the whole world becoming a colorful bouquet this fall.
                                                                                           Fall Picnic
We are packing in as many fall festivities as we can this fall. We had a spur of the moment picnic over by Elv’s woods job this week.  It was also a good time to give Benny his birthday tractor. He took to it like a duckling to water as we expected. We enjoyed grilled hamburgers, beans, pumpkin desert, and ice cream. Then we sat till dark by the lake around the fire. 
In case I get charged with only blogging the ideal in our lives, be assured that we are all still working our jobs, fulfilling our roles to the best of our ability and working on whatever problems we encounter. There seem to be plenty of problem to encounter these days; so majoring on the good things sees us through. I am so glad that God created beautiful autumn.


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