Summer At Home

    The girls found vetch along the road blooming with the daisies. This week is Northwoods Vacation Bible School.  This VBS was started back in the late fifties for the Native American children.  My mom, who is now in her sixties taught a class when she was sixteen years old. I taught in my teenaged years.  This year Frances is teaching second grade.

We have thoroughly enjoyed all the flowers this spring and summer that have abounded everywhere due to substantial rain and the early warm weather we had.
The squirrels have been raiding our strawberry patch from the beginning of the first ripe berry.  But since we have had a bountiful crop there seems to be enough for all of us. I made jam today of some of them. I am feeling very virtuous about this jam making project of the whole crop , especially today since it is dreadfully warm and humid.These two jars were nice looking enough to pose with the two linen embroidered table cloths that I found at the used shop this morning for a dollar each.
And here are the pictures you asked for, Lisl.  Brad and I think this is really exciting.


  1. You have a beautiful home,"my Mommy," as Jube would say. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Looks very nice! When does he plan to move in? ~GB

    1. Just now highway 61 is closed off due to flooding, did you hear? So I guess it won't be this week for sure. :)

  3. The bouquet is beautiful and I am going imitate it soon as it is in bloom here.


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