A Supper Table For Amy's 16th Birthday

What is more special that a 16th birthday? Well, maybe there might be some things a little more life changing than a birthday, but this one is pretty special to our family.  She did NOT want a party, but when we started on this brainstorm to make a pretty table for supper she was Johny-on-the-spot.
Frankly, I think this last picture of Elv and his daughters is precious.  Hope you enjoyed the tour, again.
                                Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!


  1. where's the "like" button? I just love the pictures, especially the one of dad and the girls. Lovely.... Happy Birthday Amy. Beautiful sisters I have! Can't wait to come home and be with my family again... Sigh... I'm homesick.

  2. That is one beautiful table! Absolutely fantastic! If you would ever come see me I'll bet I could make a pretty table for you....

  3. I like the picture of Dad and the girls. That's one they'll treasure.

  4. Sweet sixteen, Amy! God bless you with lots more. Arla your table pictures are so beautiful; you make simple things just lovely. MOM

  5. Happy Birthday to Amy! I just love the beautiful table. It is happiness radiating from the crystal. Beauty to match any girls yen for it.

  6. Hi Arla, just thought I would try to leave you a comment this way this time... I have tried before, as you said you couldnt find my other blog, so I will try again and leave you a link to my current blog www.tenderherb.wordpress.com

    I enjoy all your pictures and posts!!


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