My Favorite Christmas Gift This Year

              Elv and the boys set up shop in the mini barn this year to make gifts for the women of the house.  They had several evenings into the project and nary a word did they breathe of what they were doing.  And, of course, we didn't ask, enjoying the whole idea of them making our gifts this year.
             I was pretty sure it would be something metal and perhaps have to do with a cabin type something.  But I have to say we were all quite wowed over the result of all that work and secretive planning.
            The mirror part of this still blows my mind.  Elv bought a full length mirror from which he cut the mirrors for these lamp holder/reflector beauties. They are etsy-able, if you ask me.


  1. He should make and sell that kind of stuff someday. I was impressed too.

  2. I wouldn't mind if Dad made one of those for me too :)

  3. I'm dad's daughter too! And really, I think between you and Dad, you aught to make a nice little amount of money on the side with all the things you can make. There is tons of inspiration out there... -Lisl

  4. Elv says you girls are going to have to make orders for next Christmas. He appreciates the rave reviews, though.

  5. He still intimidates me. In a good way. What should I get Lisl for her birthday?


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