Projects And Snow

     Today I have been entering names and addresses into an Exel Document.  I have almost 400 more to enter.  There are last names like Sve, Johnson and Halstread.  I found Lundgren and Olson, but no Yoders, Millers, or Hostetlers which tells its own story.
     I started a new Christmas doily today.  I am on round four and it already looks like something. I can hardly lay it down.
    The carrots should finally have been dug today. Bummer, now it might snow. :)
    The laundry dried quickly outside for a change.  I have been resigning myself to a two day wait till I can bring it back in dry. Not today. All done in one day!
    So let it snow.  I have projects aplenty. And plastic to put on the windows. Winter's a-coming.
   Our ordered hardcover copy of Ben-Hur arrived today in the mail.  I read the first two chapters to our school children today.  When I laid the book down Brad said, "Uh, I know who they are." :) 12 year old boys are so smart!
    I am looking forward to cozy reads by the fire at break time far into the winter.


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