School Pictures 2011

Each fall we try to get updated portraits of the children.  I stand and click pictures one right after the other until I have over a hundred of them.  We chose various places to pose.  And they horse around the whole time making jovial fun of themselves and each other to convince all of us that it doesn't matter that we are supposed to be getting a frame-able shot.
Without exception the best shots happen by accident.  Suddenly I realize I have gotten a good shot and the minutes of standing there telling them to move over, or back up, or look at me, not each other have finally paid off. However, I get a kick out of all the time it takes.  Because I always get a funny picture too, that is far more revealing of the real deal inside of them than the carefully arranged pose with all eyes open and no surprise shadows.

I probably have the funnest children in the world. I could be prejudiced but I doubt it. :)


  1. I just have to say it. Amy is absolutely beautiful! I thought so while she was here and every time I see these pictures I think it again. Beautiful. All the pictures are.

  2. Yeah, I'd say they're pretty fruity alright. -Lisl

  3. Oh, I just got this wonderful phone with internet. For once I felt at liberty to read instead of skim read. I may be able to continue my own blog too. I just loved catching up with you.


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