Weekend In Pictures, My Version

This is a Canada Anemone

This is the cabin right now.  

Watchers while Elv and I worked on building a usable outhouse. I didn't post a picture of that important edifice.

Then we went down to the shore and enjoyed the lake for an hour.

I combed the beach for fairy tears and found a few, too.  The blue one is my favorite.

Elv worked so hard getting the outhouse ready and then on Tuesday morning couldn't stop improving and tore out a no- longer-necessary wall indoors and presto we had a new dining room space. You'll see that down the line here somewhere.

Elv's mom was with us, too.  She is 85 and young at heart.  She had her feet in the water right along with the rest of us. The water was rather chilly. 

Clark is always playing with his camera and these two are his favorite subjects.

Just a picture of cabin life.  Benny thought it was wonderful.

We enjoy using the oil lamps for lighting after dark. 

Yes, now that it is warm summer we just put the Coleman camp stove on top the cook stove for cooking. 

So we worked hard and played hard.  I didn't show you any pictures of the fireworks evening in town. Lattins took us along with them. The small community of families came out and sat on the large grassy green in front of the library. It was fun small town stuff and Jan Karon woulda had a ball.


  1. I thought of Jan Karon too. The Silver Bay fireworks reminded me alot of what the fire works were like in PA when I was a girl. And thanks again for taking us along north. I had no idea how much I NEEDED the break!

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend! What a nice place to get away. And what are fairy tears?

  3. Matt and I are thinking maybe we should have a weekend with you guys at your cabin...

  4. Maybe we'll join you Amy, sounds like my kind of fun! Love your cabin....

  5. Just let us know when you're coming so that we can be there, too.


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