Just Some Notes On Life At The Stone House

 ~ We had a few days of hot summer, but the northland cool weather has returned.
~ Yesterday we put up a worktable in the sitting room down stairs under the AC for scrapbooking.
~ And we took down a big, old bookcase in the process of making a   workspace. Charlotte has dreams of painting it white and having a place   for books and things in Benny's room.
~ And we have plans to take about four big boxes of books and                                                                       dishes to the Salvation Army used shop.
                                                      ~ The girls and I cleaned a rental house today for Select                                                                                   Industries. It was hard work but the pay is good.  And the house is                                                                 much cleaner.
                                                      ~ Tomorrow I get to clean a very old, rustic log cabin on Lake Windigo.                                                         I hope to take Amy along and see if she will draw it for me again.
                                                      ~ All the trees are green, and I saw baby zinnias when I watered the                                                                garden this morning.


  1. I learned my lesson, never use old flower seeds. I think I have a grand total of three zinnias, and the cosmos aren't much better.

  2. I'm loving the cooler weather although the warm weather is good for the crops.

  3. Arla...i'm loving your 'Better Homes and Gardens' home! :-)


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