Miracles Just For Me

    My new contacts came this week.  So now I can see to sew.  The old glasses made everything I look at so small that I couldn't see anything tiny anymore.  I haven't been able to sew for a couple years now and crocheting a doily has been impossible.  Not anymore. With the combination of contacts and reading glasses; I can now see detail.  It's absolutely wonderful and I am praising the Lord. I believe I know just a little bit how Blind Bartimeaus  felt when Jesus came along that day!
    And I sewed these throw pillows! That's my second miracle.  And all the materials were free, and that's my third miracle. Delightful! 

 And I can see to put this puzzle together as well, now four!


  1. Very nice, Mom. (That is exactly what I was going to say and then I looked up and saw that that's what Francis already said.)

  2. Beautiful! Your couch looks very inviting! :)

  3. this is better than Very Nice Mom! This is fabulous! Someday I'm going to sleep all night so that when there are so many options of things to do I won't have to say How do I start...instead I'll say ...which project do I get to do! I'd like to come see you at your house again.

  4. Your turn is a-comin', Amy. Please enjoy life now, too.

  5. I love that wood wall and the stove....and your pillows are nice and fat and beautiful! My pillows are all flattened out and are usually on the floor :( Ive been getting inspired to redo some of our rooms ,actually I feel like I'm getting settled in finally and fixing it up like I've wanted to do.......


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