Christmas Pictures

The best part of Christmas family time is right here for me. Gwen appears to have a secret, but she doesn't...she is quite honest with her opinions. Benny only wants to be sure that we aren't ignoring him and giving Gwen more attention than what he gets.

The best man in the world. No question!

They came and spent a whole week at our house. We loved every minute of it...except when Gwen had a fever.

The Great Train Set-up. Here's track one being put together.

Now we have two tracks and a train for each. They spent hours playing at this.

They even spent a little time taking pictures of the trains in motion as well as parked for effect.

Jenny gave Elv a copy of Penrod for Christmas. Here Lance is apparently introducing it to Benny.

This would be about a cell phone.

On the outside looking in at the Graber's house during Christmas week. Honestly!


  1. lovely glimpse of your Christmas! I like the one of Gwen telling Lance all about it the best! I'm going to post our Christmas sometime soon too.


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