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  1. Poor kids.. :)They look pretty good though.

  2. hmmm...Brad looks a bit like Austin on this pic, I thought.

  3. Which Sharon are you? Todd's Sharon, Troy's Sharon or Norv's Sharon? I have often noticed that Brad looks like Austin.

  4. Troy's Sharon, sorry for the confusion. I could sign in with my google name but it always looks dumb...(this time it probably won't since I mentioned it).

    Anyway, I don't see you all enough anymore that I notice that about Brad, but thinking back, he would've looked that way even when younger...

    I like your blog. I like the way I can keep up with you a bit, and I always admire people who can take good thoughts and put them into words. And I like your outlook on life. Thanks for being one of those "older women teaching the younger".


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