We had a great reunion, with everything from tears and laugher to beard contests and water fights.

Our family is spread out all over the US, from South Carolina to Idaho.  

I don't need to tell you how wonderful it is to be able to spend time with those who share your same roots, oddities, and resemblances.  Nor do I need to explain the pleasure of knowing your family loves you in spite of the fact that they know your weaknesses and habits.  It's so encouraging to me to have my siblings tell me how they're overcoming those things by God's grace in their lives. 

    Everyone but Dayton's family, April's family, and Leland and the children came.   

These three girls are a team and could be found at any time together somewhere.  Sam, Maurita, and Amy.  They missed Ericka  who would usually make the fourth.

Evie played soft ball with these children.  She said they were good players.  The children found the older young people and asked them to come and be the audience and cheer for them.

Evie and I had time to catch up, to pray together, and to laugh together.  Thank you, God, for sisters.

The dining hall was noisy with all of us playing games, visiting, and even some singing.

This game was hugely noisy and fun.

                                                Four Generations.


  1. wasn't that such a good time? I want to do that every other year for sure from now on.

  2. Great overall commentary. It truly was a smashing good time. I loved the connection I felt with every one this time. Lets do it again soon.


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