I Am Learning Lately...

 * That I must somehow learn to paint pictures with words.

* That grandchildren call up all the latent mothering skills and that bonding is inevitable and intensely sweet...also a dagger when they leave.

*That unless 2 people who have been married for 28 years make an effort to remain close friends; life with all it's burdens, joys, and business will pull them along parallel paths much like the two wheel tracks on a woods trail...along side each other but always apart.


  1. Somedays I like to be along side rather than tripping him up as I try to stay close. And I can paint pictures with my words! Just ask April. She says I'm far to descriptive! But I can't write....That's a blessing! :)
    And I think you paint pictures with words. I love to read your writings.
    Sorry about the daggars. That would be not so nice. I guess we enjoy the moments....


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