The Thailand Children

Since I'm missing these people a lot right now, I thought I'd update you a bit on them so that you can help me pray and think about them today.  

Lisl is enjoying her "new" house immensely.  They moved last week from their tiny honey-moon apartment on the IGO side of Chiang Mai to the CMCC side of town into a lovely big "farm house" to quote Dru.  They were obliged to repaint the whole interior to make it clean and theirs.  The Chiang Mai City Church people  and Craigs helped them with this huge job.  But Dru reports this morning that it is done.

Lisl told me yesterday that the house is still very dirty, (floors) and that she plans to take it one room at a time this week to get cleaned and arranged.  I want to be there to help.  So I am just asking God to be there for me and to help her have the energy and ideas that go with making a house a home no matter what part of the world we live in.

Dru had labeled this picture: a bath Thai style.  She's out on her own veranda with the privacy of a large yard and fence bathing baby Jube.  I love this picture as only a mother can, but I think there's enough value here for the rest of you to enjoy it as well.  Isn't that a lovely porch/veranda?  


  1. What a nice post. I DO like the picture of the naked baby out there on the verenda! And Motherhood has made your daughters even more beautiful! How do you keep yourself humble w/ all of that? :)

  2. I Love that picture and am glad Dru takes such good pictures of Lisle and baby for you arla...

  3. I DO LIKE that picture too :) Now Lisl has a bigger house than I do :)I hope she updates her blog soon too.


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