Here, Have a Cookie

I said in my last post that life isn't all roses and pontificated accordingly. Most of the comments on that post were by phone from people sincerely worried about me. :) One thing I learned was that I must be at least partially effective as a writer.  

We are doing well here and it truly was just one of those hurdles in life that you all probably handle with much more grace than I do.  Sharon thanked me for posting the good along with the bad, though... I wish I could have left it in place.  

So hey, have a cookie and a good day.  amg


  1. My dear sis, I didn't say delete it... How convenient would it be to be able to delete the crud out that we don't want to deal with. Not very real. I agree with Sharon... The good goes along with the bad. "It's part of the story." As my husband likes to say to me when things go a bit awry... keep writing it all. Love, Shilah

  2. I agree, you shouldn't have deleted it.It was a testimony of how God made an impossible situation dissolve. Although I do understand if the post made for tricky explaining to a few who may have been concerned.

  3. I just made cookies could come over and have one of mine! I'll make coffee just for you. I made Lance try them and he turned around and came back for another one! :) So they're good....

  4. yeah, see, what I meant was that what I love about blogs like yours is that you're REAL. I get more encouragement from and pay more attention to people who are real than those who give only the good (and hard for me to attain always) side. :-)

    Thanks for the cookie!

  5. I guess I missed the bad...hope you have a good day!! Dena


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