The Winter Blues

Yes, the winter blues are here!  We are having to pull along steadily with more effort.  Brad has been faithfully building fire over a huge heap of ash build-up which makes stoking a chore. The house is chilly well into the morning.  We are inclined to complain. We take turns checking the thermostat. "Did somebody turn it down?"

The icicles hanging from our house are jagged and ugly due to a family of children who cannot resist hitting them just for the crash and jangle. I tell them not to, but they can't stop. A thick three foot icicle MUST be whacked! So the menacing broken teeth greet everyone coming to our door. (Winter hospitality at it's best!)

My silly Christmas cactus is blooming all over again.  No, I'm not going back...Spring is AHEAD!!

The snowblower belt came off/broke? a couple weeks ago so we're all walking uphill to the vehicles over the build up of's going to melt soon, right?  

Elv plans to borrow Delvin's tractor this Saturday to clean out the ashes, and push away the snow mess in the lane.  It'll be big day for that handy little John Deere tractor and loader.

We need a Saturday of rejuvenation around here.  We'll mop the salty white film off the porch floor again, just to celebrate clean paths, neatly parked cars on a crisp lane, and a hot firing boiler.  Maybe we'll create something gourmet in the new, stoneware roaster for supper as a grand finale just to thumb our noses at Old Man Winter. 

Mush On!!


  1. Hmm... I wouldn't happen to know that family would I? :) I told them not to too :)

  2. If you know the my family, you know "who done it".


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