Camping Season Is Here

The men have all gone camping. We women of the household prepared the potato salad, made sure of the swimming trunks and towels, and packed up all their duds, including shoes and socks and jackets. We cleaned out the coolers for them, and told them where we had packed their soap and Bibles.
They're's quiet and tidy around here. The girls and I have the house all cleaned up and we can skip cooking and schedule for a day or two if we like. It's a relaxing prospect. We're going to have time to scrapbook, read, and visit with our friends. I have a Jan Karon book to read and my music. It's quiet enough to think long thoughts for a change.
This is nice...for a day or two; but I'm always glad to welcome them home again. Those guys who we try to please everyday are work but I would not want to live without them: dirty clothes, heavy boots, whiskers, deep reverberating voices and all. A husband and a grown son at home keep my world going round in a happy, busy circle.
From all of us women: Thank You, God, for the men who provide for and love us. Keep them close to You. Protect their eyes and hearts this weekend for Your sake. Amen.


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