Camping Coming Up!!

Our whole family is going camping on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage for six days next week. Well, actually one daughter and her husband won't arrive at the landing until Wednesday. (And then there's the daughter and husband who live overseas as missionaries and can't be here.) Our campsite will hopefully be on an island. All the campsites on the TFF are "rustic". This means that we carry in our drinking water and our shelter and the toilet is an "open pit toilet". The only walls and roof over such a toilet is God's green cathedral so we take tarps to create a measure of privacy. We get our washing water out of the lake...don't worry we make it safe with a droplet of bleach and keep a very large stock pot of it on the fire all the time, so hot water is always available.

For those of you who think this would be too much like roughing it; we think it's fun and relaxing. We will have plenty of fishing, exploring, boating, and camp cooking. We take games, cameras, books, songbooks, and our journals along. We will sing, swim if it's warm enough, and talk late around the fire.

We'll update you after camping.


  1. And then there is the daughter that won't be coming at all... sigh. Hope you all have lots of fun.

  2. sounds so fun...this is our dream for someday when we don't have as many littles. Have a great time!


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