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Christmas Scribblings

The season of Christmas is here. It's the time for Christmas letters and cards coming in the mailbox every day. It's fun to get them. It's not so fun to make one for all of your mailboxes. This year we had Amy's boyfriend take a picture of us and I have only just now ordered a box of twenty cards with envelopes accordingly for sending out. Twenty are not enough, I know. If they're nice I'll order a few more.
   It's also the time of year when stories of other Christmases come out. This year I am reading Myra Scovel's collection of Christmases they had during the years they were missionaries in China and India. We live rich and boring lives by comparison. I'm not complaining though. We have had our share of Christmases that we could hardly afford, too, not like theirs, but always full of wonderful memories.
    We made Christmas cookies, a bit early, but it was nice to have a tray of cookies handy to take along when we visited Elv's family thi…

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