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Snowshoe Weekend

We did have such a nice time at the cabin last weekend. We hadn't been since October so Elv and I had lost track of how we had left it then. Getting in late Friday evening to an empty wood box, pantry and unmade beds is not fun. So pulling up to welcome light spilling out onto the snow from all the windows, the generator running, and warm fires in both stoves was amazing. Our friends had even hauled in water.We are so blessed. It's purely a gift from the Lord.
    Brad, Amy and Tim were due to follow us in two hours later, so Elv and I unloaded and worked on settling in. He filled the wood box and kept both fires roaring to heat the very corners. And I fixed beds in all three bedrooms with clean sheets and piles of blankets.
    Even later, Elv fried up hamburgers on the cookstove and I made popcorn. Everyone was hungry. Eating that late made us  feel content and drowsy especially after the haul in through the snow and cold.  Cabin bedtime by midnight or so.

 Morning coffee…

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