Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer From Annie's Perspective

 I moved the motley collection of photos from phone to computer this week. The summer flew by so quickly so I'm glad for these glimpses of the life and times of the Grabers.

 The mosquitoes were rather numerous this spring so a screened tent was just the thing. It was great for tea times, reading, and visiting.
    We hadn't had it set up for several years...almost forgot we owned it. We found a few holes in the screening but gray tape soon took care of that.
   Our times with Jube and Halla have been greatly treasured. I think they like it, too.


 We took a load of who-knows- what- all, when we went to the cabin midsummer for Havilah's birthday party. Ruger enjoys our expeditions.

Who could resist picking the ditch flowers this summer. They were awesome. I caught this over by Peninsula Road. Lisl declared that this was for what she came home from Thailand this summer.


Jube and Halla stayed with us for a day when their parents went to a wedding up in Canada. Finally found the landing at Durphey Lake to be the only decent place to picnic and let the children play in the water.

Especially this summer I felt like the years scrunched themselves down into a little short span of time. Only a few days ago it was when our own children played in the water at this very spot.

Elv and I made a quick weekend trip to attend the open house for Francis and Josh.
Sometimes I think man's efforts at power and energy create a certain beauty in spite of ourselves.  But it makes me smile because only what God already made allows the possibility of our landing at any degree of wonder and beauty.

We tried to be at Lisl's house as often as propriety would allow while we had the chance. It'll be a few years until we can be in on their home life again.


    A sandbox for these two outside children came into being about midsummer.

Two huge successes in the garden department around here this year were the hollyhocks and the weathered wood window boxes. I really need to dedicate  a whole posting to the window boxes. They surpassed my fondest dreams and wishes for them. Elv instructed me that the wood I chose for them was well and truly rotten. To his mind that was a score in the wrong direction; but to mine it was exactly the thing for my purpose. He is impressed with them now, too.


White Alyssum against the rotten weathered wood. Makes me happy in my heart, as Amy would say.

We spent a Sunday morning in Mom Graber's garden just outside her door enjoying the scenery and the humming birds. Perfect way to begin a day of rest.

Here is the view from the top of Valley View Acres (Lewi and Marlene's estate). I must have another look no matter when we go. Mar says she feels like she owns it all standing up there. I say she does own the view so it is all the same as if she did own the landscape anyway.

Oh, here we are all the way to our camping already. This is all of our children and grandchildren seated for a breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and cold cereal by the fire on our first morning at camp. Oh yes, and bacon, too. It was dry and cozy indoors. The weather was perfect all the other days we camped, so this one rainy day was fine anyway.

Monday, August 18, 2014


We went camping last week. With everyone here and a lake and cabins and canoes the week was a successful happy time. For our own record I have created a collage of each of the littles. They are not in age order here. In a few years they'll all be the same age anyway. Click on the collage to get a bigger picture.
Havilah (Halla)


James (Jimmy)

Jubilant (Jube)

Gwendolyn (Gwen)

Bendick (Benny)


Monday, August 4, 2014

My Prayer List

         We went to a leadership meeting last weekend. Which is to say that Elv spent a couple of hours in Bible study and discussion with eight other men at one of the four represented chapels.  And I sat with the women of the same in the shade at the park across the road and visited and laughed and cried and prayed together. It was good.
         They were all solicitous and curious about how it was going with us in our church context for good reason, of course. But mostly we talked about faith and fear in relation to being women doing life to the best of our ability as Christians.
        I came away with two pieces of information that gives me some badly needed perspective especially in relation to the troubles we are dealing with right now. Firstly, Daria told us that in Iraq right now, Christians are being crucified for their faith. Just last week, eight more Christians were crucified.  That jolted me a bit. Frankly, it makes our stuff look sickeningly silly. I just want to say that what seems like big important things to discuss and pray over around here lately, certainly isn't something I would hang on to if I were faced with being crucified for it. Would you?
     And the other thing that keeps ringing in my ears is Mary Jane's testimony about what happened during the seven months that their little church didn't meet. Now, Cornerstone is a thriving little group meeting for church every Sunday. "The Lord did a work in all of our hearts."  Such a simple solution to issues that seemed big enough to divide them earlier. I am blessed and encouraged by her words. I believe that God can work on our hearts here, too, because those folks at Cornerstone are human, ordinary people too. If He can do it for them, He can do it for us.
       So my prayer list is short. I want to pray for: 1. Christians who are actually suffering (in prison and being executed) for their faith all over the world. 2. And that God will be merciful and "do a work in each of our hearts".


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Evening Picnic

Poppies bloom in the garden. July has almost finished and the garden knows. Tomatoes are turning and the peas and radishes are gone.
How can summer be flying by so quickly?
    Things To Do Before Summer Is Gone

~ Camp.
~ Reshingle the stone house.
~ Blackberry picking.
~ Install the chimney in the new location at the cabin.
~ Corduroy The Mudhole with ironwood poles.
~ Wash the windows on the outside
~ Get a fishing license and fish for a long afternoon.

Lake Windigo Park 



Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scattered Summer Scrapbook Notes

   Summer is flying by. The August calendar page is too full. We checked through what those plans are and the only one we could actually dock was Brad's Driver Ed schedule. He will sign up for a session later in the fall after he is back from harvest time in Nebraska.      

My sister Amy, has a lovely, new table. The day I was at her house for a few minutes there were huge stacks of folded laundry on it. You can see her candle/doily centerpiece there, too.  And the vase of flowers. So you really can't see the table, but then when can you see the table in a household of children where the table is grand central station?

It is a new table. One of those farm-type, plank, cabled tables. It is a lovely table. She can tell her own story about that.
Amy is a fearless home decorator. She splashes colors everywhere like nobody's business much the same as our Aunt Eva did. I love this about Amy's house. 

Don't look for your picture here. I just thought is was the nicest looking arrangement of them. Just some rope and clothespins and a wall word. How simple is that!

Summer of the Hollyhocks 2014      

Monday, July 21, 2014

Talking About The Daffolils...

 That is, wild flowers and hollyhocks. The hollyhocks are over our heads and blooming

Cow Parsnip
 It's growing along Hwy 53 right now just this side of Superior for miles. Tall, white flowers beautifying the miles along with the yellow birds foot trefoil.

Yellow Roses

Not mine. Someone in Grand Marais, MN knows how to grow roses.

This flower is blooming along Hwy 61. It belongs to the forget-me-not family and it is called Viper's Bugloss. Very pretty. Nasty to handle.

The lupines are on the way out, but still nice along the shore as well. I was happy to be able to stop along the shore, no protests, from my passenger who happened to be exactly on my page for the day.

We stopped several places along the shore and enjoyed the lake, the flowers, and visiting. I would recommend spending all Saturdays doing only and all of what you would like to do to "decompress". This was perfect.

These two pictures are just for my records to remind me that we do have some lawn at the cabin now and mowing gives us the feeling of tidiness there.

Even though we still don't have siding! The cabin is our favorite landing spot after a busy week. We had only 24 hours there arriving at dusk Friday evening. Settled in and then Amy built a fire in the fire pit for the four of us to enjoy. Fireflies over the swamp, woods all around us, the night, no traffic, and the stars overhead. We lounged there long and late.