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Owning What We Own

Ownership is so much more than a name on a title or possession of a thing. I have been thinking about an idea and would love to get it over to you in a way that inspires you to "own" what you should and to shed the rest.
    Owning something as mine to tend,  to repair, to dispose of, or to maintain and use requires honesty and wisdom. It gets me out of dream land and what-if land and wishful thinking and moves me to do something productive with and grateful for what really is.
     Here's an example of one of the ways I had to apply this idea. We bought this old stone house over thirty years ago. The only other house I had lived in during all my growing up years was a farm house. I thought I knew home making in a real house. I thought all houses were the same ... that I only had to step into this one and make it home in the same way. To keep this story short; let me just say that it was not to be.
    We had bought ourselves a cottage/cabin full of issues and in our na…

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