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Thankful List January 2018

Thankful List

~ A new Singer sewing machine. Sewing has renewed charm for now. Maybe just until I get a few comforter tops sewed up.
~ I get to go to St. Croix with Elv for his work week. Next week we get the cabin that is right on the job again. It is nicely remodeled and equipped with all the modern conveniences. But no internet access. We notice, but we seem to get along just fine without it. 
~ I am especially glad for warm living rooms and hearths where we may toast our toes on these cold winter evenings. 
~ For snowplows and road salt.  
~ For a bucket of daffodils in the restroom of the little cafe we've been frequenting in St Croix Falls. Spring WILL come. At Wayne's Cafe, teal, formica covered tables have old-fashioned, red-padded, chrome chairs around them. It is a nice little place where they don't blow us out with "music" and they serve us ordinary food. And some not-so-ordinary food like liver and onions which Elv enjoyed.
~ For lovely quiet days in the wo…

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