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Since Easter is quite early this year and we will likely still have snow on the ground when we celebrate; I am offering to you a word to help keep in mind that spring will come.
   The sequence of events being a bit mixed up this year should give us a great opportunity to understand the importance of  having hope in our hearts regardless. So here's to creating beauty with spring colors in my heart and in our home while we wait for the snow to melt. Hope, the knowing kind, while we have more snow and lots of mud, will get us through to spring. Mud is just part of the story that must be.
  Hope is also the flame that feeds the glow of our souls and faces. One Sunday morning Elv and I had a snafu between us that we were obliged to fix on the way to church. I was half sick and he was frustrated. I don't remember what was the issue. I know it was quite trivial and harmless but it made us sad. I always feel hopeless with myself and my slow growing maturity when this happens. It&…

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