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Owning Our Daily Lives

The list I wrote up for this week fills a whole page. I wrote what work and plans belong on each day. All organized and readable with the scheduled times and places for work three days and for helping Dru and Lisl move into their "new" home on Wednesday. Busy times. I  own the schedules and responsibilities and the joys of the whole list in my mind and heart right now on Monday morning accordingly. Accordingly, with prayer and preparation. And even some evening house work to keep it all flowing well. 
I love this busy-ness: keeping both stoves stoked with firewood, the hearths tidy, pushing laundry through morning and evening, and then folding while Elv and I rest by our fire at the end of the day. Last night Elv helped me do up the Sunday dishes while Brad swept  up the middle of the floors of our popcorn and wood chips.. family living. I enjoy my work at the store... this other part of homemaking. I love owning my own housework and messes. I don't love my own sewing,…

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